10 actions of men who give you the full right to leave him now


Sometimes you just get stuck in a relationship with a male loser and you need to understand: the sooner you leave him, the better for you. It is much better to be happy, but lonely, than to be unhappy, but in a relationship.

You have to tell the man that you deserve the best, and you need courage to leave. There is no shame in leaving a man who does not suit you. Why settle for a relationship without love?

How do you know it's time to break up? This is a question that many people struggle with in a deplorable relationship. Here are 10 signs that it would be better for you to go on without it.

1. Your partner is still sitting in dating apps.

Why would he still be in these dating apps if he is really serious about his relationship with you? If he does not want to take you seriously, then you should not take him seriously.

2. He does not consider you a priority in his life.

Although it is unreasonable to think that you should be the only important person in his life. But it is good that you expect him to put you in first place at least from time to time. If you feel that you are playing a "secondary role" in the relationship all the time, you better leave.

3. Your man has no goals and a plan for the future.

It takes a certain sense of responsibility to make a relationship work. Responsible man builds direction in his life. If your chosen one is not yet mature enough to understand how important it is to have a plan in life, you should not have a relationship with him.

4. Your partner is reckless with money

Money matters will always play a big role in the length of a relationship. If a man is reckless with money, then this is definitely a bad sign for a shared future.

5. He constantly betrays you

You do not know whether you can call him a man? You have been dating for several months, and you are still not sure at what stage you are in a relationship? Part. Nobody obliges you to have such a relationship.

6. He never appreciates your time

Time is always very important, and it should be devoted only to those people who are most important to you. And if your partner does not value your time, it is because he does not value you as an individual. He thinks that you can waste time because you do not have much value for him.

7. A man always changes you

You must not allow your chosen one to deceive you at every opportunity. Remember: having betrayed once, he will betray you again.

8. Your partner is the owner

You are not the property of anyone. So, if a man begins to treat you as if he owns you, then it’s time to really reconsider your views on this novel.

9. He has dependencies

Dependency is a big problem. And it can not be taken lightly. If your man is dealing with drugs or alcohol, ask him to seek professional help. If he flatly refuses, it is dangerous for you to remain in a relationship with such a person. Draw conclusions.

10. He does not give you the feeling that you are special

Being in a relationship with a man, you do not feel special, because a man does not do anything to make this feeling appear. And if you are for him the same as everyone else, then is there any point in continuing the relationship?