5 most dangerous signs of the zodiac

Most of the people around us are quite friendly and peaceful. They will treat with understanding if you accidentally harm them, and they themselves do not want to ruin your life. But, like a fly in the ointment, there are also those who will literally take you to a nervous attack. The most dangerous signs of the zodiac that will make your life next to them - here they are.


They love to play with people. If for everyone else, people are creatures with whom you can have a great time, love, appreciate, then for Gemini people are an inexhaustible resource for entertainment. Hard and cold in the soul, they are extremely charming in appearance and therefore easily manage to impress everyone who they like. Having missed, they easily get rid of the person and look for a new toy for themselves.

a lion

Most people around Leo, in his opinion, exist solely so that they can assert themselves and feel better. And if suddenly something is not going according to plan and you suddenly accidentally disappointed Leo, be prepared for the fact that you can ruthlessly plunge their claws into you. There are at least two exits, run or apologize. If you choose the first, then remember that you are likely to be found. And if the second, then remember that you have to apologize for a very long time.


Scorpio has only one understanding of how it should be. This is called "how convenient for me." As he is comfortable, so should do everything. He easily steps over the opinions and desires of other people, without putting anyone in anything and without thinking about what others are with him. And if he suddenly thinks about it at times, he does it lazily, but he will continue to mock people from his own pleasure.


Arrogant and completely disinterested in thinking about others, Capricorn is one of the most dangerous signs of the zodiac. Communicating with him often leaves an unpleasant aftertaste, and the nervous system needs serious repair. If you are not one of those who are willing to tolerate such an attitude towards yourself, you definitely have nothing to do next to him.


Aquarius lives its own life, in which at any moment everything can change literally beyond recognition. Just yesterday, he wanted you to be with him, and today he doesn’t tolerate you and would like you to self-destruct, and as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will help you. Therefore, to become attached to Aquarius and to depend emotionally on it is a completely insane idea.