He will definitely want to marry you if you take into account these 5 things.

There are a lot of jokes about how women want to get married, and how men strongly resist this. Sometimes it becomes even insulting for the entire female gender - after all, the desire to start a family and children, to have a sensitive and caring man next to whom you can rely on in any situation is a perfectly normal desire for a woman. It is in us from nature, so why should we resist it?

Should not, and will not. Much more correct - to properly file a relationship, so that the man himself wants to connect life with you, because they, too, in their souls are not averse to start a family. Here are the same instincts, but they are interrupted by fears. What and what to do with them, so that in you they did not see only a girl for entertainment?

Loss of freedom

Yes, freedom for men is of great importance, and they do not like to part with it. “Do not go here, do not come late” - if he hears something like this from you, your chances of marital happiness will sharply decrease.

Too much responsibility

After all, he will be responsible for you, for your children, for your home. Maybe he does not want so much, but he is afraid not to cope. Your task here is to inspire him as much as you can.

Fear of being used by the object

This fear haunts many men, especially if they had previously encountered mercantile persons. But you are not one of them, are you? You are strong, successful and independent. Let him understand that.

Captivity routine

And this is quite a strong argument for a man. Let your beloved understand that nothing will change after the wedding. And, of course, do not forget to fulfill your promise.

Reluctance to be different from your friends

When among friends of a man there are only bachelors, this happens quite often. But there is a solution - to acquaint him with someone from respectable family men who can make an impression. Surely you will find such. And if not - cite as an example his married acquaintances. Head, for example.