How to dress a woman that every man wants to make his

The ideal woman is not such a mythical character as it seems. If only because men, at least, can roughly describe how it should look. It turns out that they are not so badly versed in all our fashionable things, and something in our appearance is really noticed.

We have collected 5 of the most important nuances in a feminine style, to which men pay special attention:


Men love negligence very much, but it has nothing to do with untidiness. Fluffy hair, a relaxed bun or a shirt collar unbuttoned - yes. The lack of manicure, unstressed clothes or dirty hair - definitely not. Slut looks unattractive, and no one can please.

Correct color combinations

Beautiful and unusual color combinations decorate the image and make it special, but an unsuccessfully selected shades in the image can spoil everything. And we are not talking about banal duos, such as black and white (although they have the right to exist), but about something more unique and unusual. Experiment, standing in front of a mirror, and you will see how the effect of your image changes.

Individual style

You should not look like a carbon copy - no one likes it. Create something your own, completely unique, different from others and then you will definitely be noticed. Just do not expose yourself to ridicule - the image of the urban mad men are not at all appealing, but the elegant minimalism, in which there is a zest - very much so.


Elegance and femininity - this is what men in ladies like the most. Untidy shirts, jeans and sneakers - it is in a sense very cool, but, from the point of view of most men, it is not at all seductive. Add to them a cheerful headscarf or feminine, flirty glasses - and the situation will change immediately.


Vulgarity should be left to desperate ladies who have no other resources to attract the attention of men (we hope that there are no such readers among our readers). Conciseness and restraint like the stronger sex much more.