9 female tricks to make man always happy with you in love

This instruction is rather a psychological recommendation for the right relationship with a man. The male psyche is simple and logical - the most important thing is that he is pacified, happy and satisfied. And to do this quite under the power of the woman herself.

1. Thank him

Do not forget to say thank you to the man. For everything - for the shown caress, for a gift for no reason, for a nailed shelf, a repaired tap and a wonderful night. The more they praise, the more they will try to please you.

2. Always be for yourself

It is very important to be the most beautiful, sweet, gentle and stunning not for work colleagues, girlfriends and passers-by on the street, but for him. A man must feel that you belong to him and are trying to make him evaluate you.

3. Let him make decisions

The best option is to connect the female trick and make him think that it is he who makes the decisions. Loosen the steel grip, let him feel the main thing - it is very important for a man in a relationship.

4. Do not live a man

Yes, a man must be respected, valued and supported, but to make him the meaning of his life is the biggest mistake. You should always be yourself and know that you are the center of the universe and no one else.

5. Do not emphasize its weaknesses.

For a man, there is nothing more humiliating than a constant reminder of his weaknesses, especially if this is done in the presence of someone. Do not constantly remind of his bad qualities, it is better to think about how to gently and unobtrusively influence him in the right direction.

6. Appreciate his interests and hobbies

Even if they seem stupid and useless to you, never say it out loud. A hobby for a man is second nature, a habit that is important in his life. Try to respect what is meaningful for your partner.

7. Do not fall to the scandals and tantrums

Yes, sometimes it is very difficult to do, but try to get out of any conflict and problem situation with dignity - any question can be discussed calmly, without being torn by emotions and without going to reproaches and mutual insults.

8. Inspire him with ideas.

A woman is always a muse for a man and she can inspire great things. Take it as a rule to support any initiative and idea of ​​your man. Who knows, maybe it will begin its further big way with her.

9. Be a little inaccessible to him.

A man loses interest in a woman when she becomes an open book for him, read to the last page. Therefore, make sure that there is always a mystery in you. Albeit small and meaningless, but it is she who will provoke him and force him to push you again and again.