The most fun feature of female zodiac signs


Not all people whose signs of the zodiac coincide are absolutely alike. For example, men and women can differ dramatically, even if they have the same signs of the zodiac. Today we gave the characteristics of the female zodiac signs - how do they behave in life?


Rebel by nature, she sees the meaning of her life in finding out the relationship with someone. And if the relationship to find out no one, she will come up with it and find out.


Hedonist to the bone marrow, she will go to her goal - to live better and more beautiful than all. Whatever it takes. All the rest, of course, not to her.


Do not try to tell her that she herself does not know what she wants from life. She even knows, just from the moment when she told you about it for the last time, she changed her mind a couple of times.


This woman wants a beautiful home and an ideal man. Only now constantly something does not add up - the house of the wrong color, the man is not quite perfect. Here she is torn.

a lion

With a woman Leo it is very difficult to communicate. You are not good enough to be in her society, you are so good that you are a threat to her happiness.


In her plan there is a place for everything except the most important thing - how to make yourself happy. She thinks it will work by itself, but somehow it does not work out.


Everyone thinks about her that she is frivolous, but in fact she just prefers not to bother with trifles. Therefore, her life is much easier than everyone else.


This woman is literally torn between lowly pleasures and her highly spiritual i. Contradictions and form the basis of her whole life.


Every time a Sagittarius woman starts something, it seems to her that here he is, the chance of her life. Disappointment comes very soon, and, as a rule, regardless of the outcome of the event.


Too stale, too harsh. Just do not tell her that, so she suffers. Trying to build everything around and make her walk on the string, she still cannot find her happiness.


Too clever, too clever and too independent to be a woman. She herself admits this, and declares at the first acquaintance. Be sure she is not joking.


She is a woman child, sweet, tender and funny. Try not to offend her by accident, otherwise she will instantly turn into a shark.