7 traits character narcissistic egoist

Seeing the egoist is not a difficult task. But, at times, behind the veil of love that closes our eyes, we absolutely do not understand what our chosen one thinks exclusively of his beloved and does not put us absolutely in anything.

1. He takes criticism aggressively.

Any criticism of such a man is immediately perceived by him with hostility. He does not make the slightest mention of his own shortcomings, is very sensitive to reproaches and takes offense if, instead of praising, he is pointed out to mistakes. This behavior is similar to the whims of a small child who puffs his lips because of any little thing.

2. He admires himself for a long time in front of the mirror.

Narcissism and narcissism are true signs of an egoist. This man just loves to spend in front of the mirror longer than the allotted time, choosing the most successful posture. The apogee of this is posting your own photos on the Internet and captions to them, which most successfully characterize them from his point of view.

3. He is committed to leadership.

In itself, the quality of leadership for a man is good. But when it goes beyond the framework and turns into command and drill, this means that your partner absolutely does not count with you and prefers to assert itself at your expense.

4. He constantly blames you.

The reason for all its failures and problems is you. He blames you absolutely for everything, making you a kind of "anti-talisman" and shifting all responsibility to you. Thus, a man deftly manipulates a woman, feeling his own significance and reveling in himself.

5. He is not interested in your problems.

The egoist man is not capable of empathy, he does not feel the emotions and feelings of other people, does not show responsiveness to your problems, and even listens as if in the middle of the ear. But he talks about his own affairs and “conquests” in full, dwelling in detail on details and not wanting to be interrupted.

6. He speaks only about himself

Such a man always puts his person at the head. Any conversation revolves just around him, he is not averse to bragging or embellishing reality. He specifically attracts the attention of others to himself, in order to revel in a sense of self-worth and interest from other people.

7. He chooses the image of the victim

This may seem strange, but for the most part the people who claim to be a victim are the greatest egoists. In fact, this is an extremely comfortable state - everything is bad for me, I’m offended at all, so everyone owes me, and I can successfully manipulate people with the help of my emotions. This state speaks of the extreme immaturity of the emotional sphere and the desire to attract attention to oneself.