Do not tell these 6 things to men under any circumstances.

If you are lucky to have an affair with a truly mature adult, it is worth appreciating. He marked you as an equal, as an adult and interesting woman, a promising life partner. But you risk losing his confidence if you make these mistakes.

“Forever you do everything wrong”

No need to remind him of old mistakes - who does not have them? He, too, can surely remember a lot. Be condescending and do not let him give up on yourself and on you.

"Well, I told you"

Even if you were right, you shouldn't remind him about it. He wants to be strong and reliable, including for you. If you want to see a caring man next to you, do not let him be disappointed in this.

"The man of you is so so"

The main thing that every man is always proud of is his belonging to the male sex (although in women, of course, there is nothing bad). And if you try to convince him that he is not a man, he can become “like himself”.

"Be different in my place ..."

Careful, he may even think about what it would be if it were different in your place. And even come to the conclusion that the other will be better.

"Which one of you will be a father"

On the holy attempt. In the soul, almost every man would like to be a father and raise ... of course, a son. But you can and daughter. You should not persuade him in this beautiful thought, on the contrary, you need to support her with all his might.

"Be different in your place ..."

It doesn't matter what the other man would do. If you chose him, then treat your choice with respect, and do not make him feel like an inferior man.