If you do not want to burn out in a relationship, urgently take these measures.

When relationships begin, the lovers are cheerful and spiritual. They spend time together, do interesting things. When one partner goes home or goes to work, the second one remains in dreams and memories of how wonderful was the day spent and how much pleasure he brought.

They look forward to meeting each other, have a feeling of anticipation and excitement, but not for long.

Any healthy relationship going through periods of ups and downs. When everything starts, it proceeds calmly and enthusiastically, the lovers are happy. But when the situation moves to a new level, not always favorable and moderate, one or both partners may begin to doubt their feelings. This happens more often in cases where the union becomes interdependent on individual things.

You can start to think that a man does not suit you, because feelings are not the same as they were at the beginning. Perhaps your partner seems distant, preoccupied with things unrelated to you and no longer shows the same interest as before.

Burnout can occur because both have been trying too hard to maintain the intensity of emotions. For example, every day for 8 hours spent in the company of each other, without being able to relax. In this relationship, no one knows the delight of feeling waiting to see each other again. The reason for the alignment lies in the beginning of a relationship. Both forget to communicate with other people, inspired solely by their partner. Both refuse from their usual hobbies and interests in order to have more time with their loved one. It looks completely harmless, but leads to failures in other areas of life. You need to keep everything in balance and not focus on just one activity. This applies not only to relationships: the same would happen if a person focused exclusively on work and froze the rest of life.

No one can feel completely satisfied 24 hours a day every day. It is tiring. Therefore, when a lull in a relationship happens, do not take it personally. This is often a sign that you will need to spend some time doing something funny and livening up a relationship, for example, with a surprise. Better to do it in a few days. Wait for a while, rest and be filled with waiting for a meeting. Moreover, it will give you and your partner a little bored with each other, and both of you can do what you like. It gives new topics for conversation. Support this initiative.

Attempting to ask a partner to answer the question of why he or she is moving away is likely to come out as opposed to, rather than close. Everyone needs time to recharge and think, so give it to your partner when necessary to avoid falling into interdependent relationships.