3 serious mistakes you make when choosing a bag

What could be simpler than choosing a bag, you ask? But this task is actually far from simple, and the mistake will haunt you for a long time - the bag is not a cheap thing, and you have to go with it for a long time.

Women very often make unobvious misses, which are far from immediately apparent. What errors are the most common?

Poor hardware

This is both a lack of quality accessories, when the lock looks flimsy, and the chains have loosely closed links, and an obscure design, for example, too bright gilding or active decorative elements where they are completely useless. One extra lock, sewn in the wrong place, will completely ruin even the highest-quality product that will not exactly decorate your look.

Dimension mismatch

There is nothing more ridiculous than a tiny purse the size of a purse, in the hands of a large lady. And on the contrary, next to a huge shooper, a miniature young lady will simply be lost (unless you thought so). Individual parameters of your physique are an important point when choosing accessories, and this nuance is definitely not worth ignoring.

Purchase of exceptionally versatile bags for all occasions

This is the most common and most depressing mistake. Every laziness we see on the street of women in light colorful dresses, but with black, boring, leather bags. In a sporting image - but still with the same bag. Or, even worse, in a completely uninteresting shirt with a beaten print, ballet shoes, jeans and again with the same bag. It kills your style, turns you into a part of the crowd.

It’s worth getting at least three bags - dark and light (one of them should be classic, provided you wear classic looks), and one is unusual. It can be a clutch bag, a waist bag, or one that can become a bright accent in your image.