A single woman who just broke up can be recognized by these 5 signs.

The gap initiated by men is one of the most stressful tests for a modern woman. He completely changes her world, and is reflected in various spheres of her life. It also concerns the appearance. By what signs can one understand that a woman has recently been abandoned?

Clothing that does not fit together

If a woman has recently been abandoned, now she certainly doesn’t look at what she looks like. Therefore, she puts on the principle - that first fell on her from the closet. Unfortunately, things rarely fall out ready-made images.

Neglect of your appearance

Do not comb your hair for three days? To go out not just without makeup, but not even washed, and not update the manicure for a couple of weeks? This does not mean that the woman is a slob, just now she really is not up to it. She is in a state of stress and depression, and simply can not bring herself to bring appearance in order.


She simply does not have the strength - neither physical nor emotional, to iron the dress before leaving the house or to examine the clothes on the subject of stains. This, again, does not mean neglecting one’s appearance at all, therefore, of course, it is not worth immediately judging it.

Aggressive sexuality

After the woman recovers a little after the break, she tries to fill the void in her soul with something. And remind yourself that she is still attractive and desirable for men. With a short red dress and shoes with heels, it is simply impossible to lose.

Experiments with appearance

New life begins with a hairstyle. Unfortunately, ladies who have recently survived the gap, often pulls on very extravagant options - for example, on green and purple hair. But can fashion experiments be completely unsuccessful?