Honest truth, why men always choose other women, not you


Your long-term relationship again became a complete disappointment. You were hoping that they would grow into a family, but your elect did not want to see you as his wife. For this, he chose another.

It happens. And it is always very painful for a woman who hoped and waited for the proposal of the hand and heart that she loved. After a hard parting, women start digging into themselves, scolding for some mistakes, which, in their opinion, led to a break. But the truth is that men may prefer another woman to you for a “silly” reason.

Here are 12 explanations for men choosing others, not you:

1. Most men at the beginning of a relationship know whether they want to part or not.

But they will never tell you about it. Many of them are simply afraid to part and delay this process, although they already know in the first three months that you are not suited to each other.

He already knew that nothing could be between you. He just did not want to rock the boat, lose you or seem like a donkey.

2. He may have kept you as a “fallback”

It really is. Many men use good women, hanging the ring in front of them and forcing them to support them in everything. This may be a sign that you were his “plan B”.

3. You may not have let him subdue you.

Most men love freebies. If you pamper them or act like your wife right away, they will not want to reward you for it. In addition, they have lost interest to win you.

4. He assumed that you would not leave, regardless of whether he did something bad or not.

Many people keep their partners at a distance and treat them humiliatingly because they do not believe that they will ever leave. If you feel that this is true for your relationship, it's time to collect things. You deserve a better man.

5. Men don't like it when girls put too much pressure on them.

Too much pressure makes men run. It is just a fact of life. You may be the best woman, but if you constantly hint to him about the wedding, he will run away. After all, nobody likes doing what they are forcing, and this is exactly what you do when you raise the topic of marriage every 5 minutes.

If you want him to marry you, just shut up on a date or talk to him about other topics.

6. The one he chose for you is more confident than you

This may mean that she is more confident or more financially secure than you. Both factors can play a huge role. With such women it is very beneficial to build relationships. Everyone wants more security in life, and therefore men can strive for such a life.

7. His parents may love that woman more than you

Although it is difficult to accept, but parents really play a huge role in the decision to marry many men.

This is true? Not. Should you be angry? Absolutely. However, it is better to be lonely than to meet someone who is too cowardly in front of their parents to stand up for you.

8. Your life goals are too different.

Sometimes we are so stuck in wanting to have a relationship with someone that we forget about reality. If a man feels that your life goals will not allow him to develop, then this will be the biggest problem in his quest for excellence. This is probably why he chose another, not you.

9. He may have problems

Men offended by life, marry the same women. This is just a fact. If you were too good for him, continued to try to make the relationship better, but never reconciled with negative things, there is a good reason why he might not want to marry you.

So men need painful relationships and personal punching bags.

10. Perhaps he was not ready

Look, a lot can change in six months, a lot! If he was not ready then, he broke up with you, and suddenly there were huge changes in his life, then perhaps he decided to marry the next girl for one reason or another.

11. She has what he needs, but you do not

The bottom line is that men have traits that they are looking for in future spouses, and if you do not have what they are looking for, you will not be the ideal of his future wife. You also cannot change yourself, just to get a wedding ring.

12. For one reason or another, he believed that you simply did not suit him.

This is his life path, on which he must go on his own, and he will have to answer for his actions. And, unfortunately, there is nothing you can say or do to make a difference.