The perfect man looks and behaves exactly like this: 5 traits

You thought the perfect man was a fictional character? In part, this is true if you are looking for a person who does not exist in nature, perfect in terms of appearance, character and social status. However, the ideal man, a man with whom you can build a harmonious relationship and a wonderful family, the creation is quite real. Moreover, it can be recognized by these signs:

Good manners

He must be educated. Not that he is obliged to open the door in front of you and serve his coat, but at least he will not swear at a restaurant or pick his ears.

Striving for success

Looking for an exceptionally rich and successful man is the lot of mercantile women, and you are not one of them? Nevertheless, it is very important that a man at least aspires to something, and not lie on the sofa.

Caring for a woman

The perfect man will take care of you. He is stronger than you, but will not demonstrate this, putting pressure on you. He will show it in care, take responsibility for you and try to make you happy.

Self sufficiency

It does not depend on the opinions of others, because it has its own. He does not expect approval from others, and always acts as he sees fit. At the same time, he is loyal enough to listen to the opinion of his beloved woman.

High level of intelligence

A man should be smart. And a woman, of course, should not be a fool, either, but for a man it is practically of paramount quality. Thanks to his mind, he will become both successful and reliable - next to this you will be like a stone wall.