8 signs that next to you is a man who will love you forever no matter what

They say that when it comes to love, you realize when it begins. You just feel different. It's so exciting, but also scary at the same time. Even worse, if you really see the future with a man.

You may not have discussed with him what your next 10 years will look like. But this is normal, because the only real way to find out if your man will love you forever is how he treats you.

So, what does “love forever” really look like? Here's what you should pay attention to:

1. Do you know his friends?

Have you met his entire group of friends? This is a good sign that he loves you. The reason this is really important is that we trust their opinion. In addition, if he wants to introduce you to his friends, this is a sign that he is proud to meet with you.

2. You are on the first place in his life

When you really love a man, it's just natural that he comes first in life. If your chosen one always gives you time, especially when he is really busy, this is a sign that you have a real love affair that will last forever.

3. He always asks for your advice.

The people we love are the people we rely on the most and whose opinions and opinions we value. So, if your partner regularly asks for your opinion and notifies you about important decisions in your life, this is a clear sign of love.

4. He puts your needs first.

How selfish is your man when it comes to whose needs are more important? If you feel that he cares about your needs even more than his own - this is love forever.

5. He makes joint plans for the future.

The one who loves you wants you to make joint plans for the future, even small ones. This can be a wedding, family party or just a joint trip. It's all about how to plan your life together.

6. He keeps his promises

If your man does not keep his word, this is not a good sign as to how he treats you. When someone cares about what you think about them, the person makes sure that his promises matter to you. Do you want to be with someone you can't count on?

7. He wants intimacy with you only when you want it.

A loving man will be customized to your desires, he will know your preferences. A loving person will want intimacy only when you yourself want it. If you are in love, talking with your man and his reaction to your desires - this is what will show how he invests in a relationship.

8. He is ready to do everything for you.

Can you always count on your man? If the answer is yes, this is a good sign that he is really in love with you. When you fall in love, you definitely offer to help each other without the slightest discomfort.

Ultimately, the best way to know whether your love will last forever is to observe whether it applies to you as you treat it. You are the best example of how love looks, and if you reflect this love, you will definitely find your person.