Age fashion is not a hindrance: 5 creative spring looks for women in 50

Times have changed and today a woman over 50 is a well-groomed, beautiful, interested, inquisitive lady. She knows that it’s not so important for her man or children whether dinner is cooked or perfect cleanliness in the house, for them the most important are her eyes glowing with joy and a smile after a manicure or SPA procedure. A woman who has never had time to worry about age. She follows fashion trends, keeping her style and not fearing that she looks different from her youth.


The jacket is one of the most versatile things with which you can combine different images. Combine with a turtleneck or shirt, with wide trousers or skirts. In addition, this model will decorate any type of figure.
Oodji vest, oodji vest,


Coat cheerful color. Orange symbolizes optimism and is associated with warmth, energy and joy. In the spring it will be in perfect harmony with the blossoming nature and lift your spirits.
Mango Coat,, Mango Coat,,


You can combine a jacket with jeans or trousers with arrows, with a blouse or a simple white shirt. Add a huge scarf or silk scarf to the color of your eyes - and go for a new lipstick or for a cup of fragrant tea in a cafe with panoramic windows.
Mango jacket. Mango jacket.


"It is possible to look sublime and glamorous in public, but in reality the way a person dresses in his day off speaks of a person." Alexander Vaughn. Be sure to wear dresses, do not expect a special occasion. Do it for yourself, especially if the dress suits you, emphasizes the "raisins". Our life consists of trifles and clothing is a process that we perform every day. The choice of clothes, no doubt, affects our worldview and sensations.
Dress JN,. Dress JN,.


This type of clothing came to us more than 50 years ago from the Indians of Latin America. Approaches practically to any figure and helps to hide shortcomings. Usually soft shape with fuzzy lines that can be balanced with a rough textured belt. This will emphasize the waist and make the image stylish.
Poncho Finn Flare, .Poncho Finn Flare,.