3 major mistakes that prevent you from getting rich

You do not sit idle, earn hard, and constantly postpone, but for some reason the money goes somewhere all the time. You can not understand why this is happening, and why others manage to live better even with a lower salary, but you do not. Look for these 3 problems.

Uninteresting job

It would seem, how is this related? This feature is very important and is often the reason that people never get rich in their whole life. For you, work is just a hateful event and a source of funds. You can not stand her, and this directly affects your condition. For example, it seems to you that now, for your work, you simply have to reward yourself with something. As a result, the money goes, and you still do not feel neither happiness nor satisfaction.

Secondly, as one intelligent and rich person said, by working, one can get money for food and other needs. But in order to get rich, you have to come up with something. So think: what is it that you can do better than anyone to really get rich?

Habit of saving on yourself

Permanent savings does not lead to wealth. First of all, because the principle of saving money works this way: the more you spend, the more it returns to you. In addition, if you spend money on yourself, you will receive satisfaction, positive emotions, and convince yourself that you can earn more. And if you postpone, then put an emotional block, just because "suddenly what."

Of course, saving money will not hurt either. But not all, in reasonable quantities, and, of course, not taking them from itself, depriving the joys of life.

Cult of money

Another big mistake is to turn money into a cult. Everything that you do - for the sake of money, all your goals are aimed at making them, and your only desire is to save them as much as possible. Such a position will not lead you to anything good. Money is just a tool. They give you freedom and can make you happier. But you need them, not you. Do not let them control you, and you will quickly see the result of such thinking.