Why do the Twins annoy everyone so much

Every person whose friends have at least one Gemini person knows how much of a person he is. He has a lot of followers, but many are literally annoying. Why?

He is changeable

If today Gemini thinks so, it does not mean at all that he will not change his mind later. His opinion is changing not just often, but literally at a catastrophic speed, and no one around him can keep up. The Gemini himself, in turn, is quite upsetting.

He is contradictory

Even at the same moment, Gemini can have several opinions on the same subject. It really is not easy for him - to understand his own feelings, and even harder for those who are near him.

He can't deal with his desires.

When a person himself does not know what he wants, it is very difficult to predict his desires in order to tune in and simply make him happy. But this is precisely what a loved one is waiting for.

He does not care about the opinions of others

Yes, he doesn't care. Whatever one thinks of him, whatever one says, all this has very little significance for Gemini. And if you tell him directly what you think of him, he will also argue with you - and it will be damn difficult to argue with him, because the words he owns are just masterful.