If these 5 signs appear in the man’s behavior, he changes you

It just so happened that among men, monogamous partners are much less common than among women. There are a lot of reasons why they can go to the left, and anyone could be to blame. However, whatever the problem, adultery is a real betrayal. By what signs can we conclude that your lover is not quite true to you?

He took off the ring

It suddenly began to rub his finger, or he forgets to put it on before going to work. Especially this problem is relevant if before nothing like this has arisen.

He carries condoms

And you do not use them. This is not just a hint, it is almost material evidence! Why would he need condoms if he doesn't use them with you? There can be only one conclusion.

He is hiding the phone from you

On the one hand, in a good way, you have nothing to do in his phone. This is the most real respect for his personal boundaries. But if he does it too hard, it looks suspicious. However, instead of climbing into his phone, better try to talk to him about it.

He began to take care of himself

On the one hand, he can try for the sake of you? On the other hand, if he began to do this for no reason, for no reason, and without even taking an interest in your opinion, this is a reason to be wary - who, in this case, wants to make an impression?

He constantly lies to you, although you do not see a reason for this.

He always comes up with some suspicious stories, even if you did not ask about them. Such an insistent desire to hide the truth from you is a reason to be wary.