2 simple steps that make a man fall in love with you

For a man to fall in love with you, you must unconditionally love him, but at the same time voice some conditions with which he should agree. When he feels that he can relax in your presence, and at the same time feels that you demand certain things from him, he becomes dependent (in a good sense of the word) on you and your relationships.

Here are 2 ways you can achieve this.

1. Make him feel like a worthy man.

A man loves when he can make you happy. And this is exactly what allows love to cultivate. The smile of a woman is a reflection of a worthy man. This fact should not be underestimated.

It is also important that a man knows from you when he relaxes and is lazy in a relationship. It is ineffective at such times to criticize him, but when you express your honest feelings to him (without accusation), you indirectly send him a message that you are not so weak to be silent. This is not so much about him as about the fact that you are telling the truth, and not stifling your feelings and needs. He will respect you for having the power to speak.

When you can show him how much you value him for who he is and for what he does for you, while remaining honest, he will work more and more on himself to save your love and emotions.

2. Give him a sense of security near you.

For a man to fall in love with you, he also needs to feel a deep sense of emotional security in the relationship. This is the only way to develop relationships.

You should create an emotional connection — a true spiritual attraction, and creating an emotional connection with a person begins with your emotional connection with yourself.

Connecting your emotions is a daring and vulnerable task, but it also helps you feel more alive and happy in life. To start communicating with your emotions, start expressing out loud how you feel. When you are with your man, comment on how you feel:

  • "Now I am so angry that I can scream"
  • “I am bored and sad today, and this is terrible”
  • “I worry after talking with my boss”
  • "I feel so stupid from watching this movie."

Do not be afraid to see the surprise in the eyes of a man. Do not try to hide your sadness. Do not be afraid to be playful and poetic, instead bloom. Stop trying to seem smart or interesting and stop trying to control everyone. Instead, frankly share your feelings with him about everything.

Let your feelings overwhelm you and stay open to show him how touched you are. When he sees something that moves you (or makes you angry), he will feel a connection with his life energy through your vigor. And then he will dissolve in you and feel safe.