7 obvious signs that you are not at all interesting to your man

As you know, a man loves a woman as long as she is interested in him, as long as there remains a mystery in her, a secret and a special highlight. But as soon as all the clues slip away and the woman becomes studied far and wide, the man begins to cool towards her. How to find out? You just need to carefully watch him.

1. He seeks to insulate himself from you.

The man does not let you into his life by building a so-called wall and keeping his distance. He seems to be with you, but it all goes on to a more formal level, and that which is in the depths of his soul and happens in life, he carefully hides, not devoting you to these details.

2. He hides his feelings and emotions.

A man becomes cold and looks like a stone wall: a “glassy” look, looking past you, an absent look and short monosyllabic phrases. He carefully hides his inner world and does not share what is happening inside it.

3. He prefers friends to meet you

Of course, friends occupy an important place in the life of every man, but if meeting with them began to take place to the detriment of your joint pastime, it is worth considering. Maybe he just avoids you?

4. He flirts openly with other girls.

Perhaps the most obvious and obvious sign that you are not interesting for a man is that he flirts with other women right in front of you, absolutely not embarrassed by this and considering it to be normal and taken for granted.

5. He is friendly and polite to you.

Look at his demeanor: does he behave in a detached and friendly way with you, as if you are old acquaintances, but not at all close friends? Then, most likely, he has already transferred you to the rank of “just friends”, with whom the joint past has remained.

6. It limits the time frame.

A man decides what time you meet and how long to be together. Probably, such moments should be controlled by a woman, shouldn’t she? A man is obliged to adapt, and not to build from himself a busy cone.

7. He ignores your calls and messages.

Your calls may remain unanswered, and he can answer messages after an hour or even two. This is a clear sign that he does not value you and is dismissive.