A life

I became a true beauty when I learned to spit on others

I know Irku since his student days. There was always something missing in it: self-confidence, femininity, tenderness, gentleness, the ability to defend one’s own opinion. Too tall, angular, too thin, with a shock of bright red hair and all strewn with freckles, she sat on the very back row, bowing her head lower, so as not to catch the eye.

Ira has always considered herself plain. Being in the shade of brighter fellow students, nobody particularly noticed her. The boys perceived it only as a friend, laughing at an unusual appearance. Ira was embarrassed, blushing, but took everything for granted: not a beauty, where to go.

From clothes, Ira preferred baggy, nondescript clothes - no bright colors, beautiful dresses and high heels. Cosmetics, too, almost did not use. The girls from the group, to put it mildly, did not like her, trying to pin up or poke fun. She was the same whipping girl who was mocked, teased and considered an outcast.

For her 40 years, Ira never got married. Somehow it happened in life: boring, inconspicuous, not beautiful, not standard. Ira lived, constantly looking at the opinions of others. Once, at a working corporate party, she put on a tight-fitting long dress, high heels, and exquisite jewelry; she made her haircut at a hairdresser. Ira liked her reflection in the mirror, but the employees working with her scoffed and mocked her the whole evening, whispering to each other in the corners, which Ira understood - this was the first and last time she decided to become a real woman.

About a month ago, Ira and I agreed to meet after a nearly one-year break. Somehow there was no time, they could not agree, and it was impossible to get together. And then, finally, the hour came X. I sat in a cafe, propped up my head with my hand, waiting for my friend. Two guys of 30 years old were sitting at the next table, enthusiastically discussing something and periodically deafening everyone with explosions of laughter.

Then the door of the cafe opened and a girl entered. In the cafe, as if by magic, it became quiet and all eyes were on her. The girl looked at the cafe for a moment, smiled confidently, and went to my table. The heads of those around turned after her. The girl was crazy, beautiful, just dazzlingly beautiful with that very lively, real, captivating beauty. Her hair was fluttering loosely, her eyes glittering, her lips were constantly smiling, her movements were rosary and confident, and the blush was defiantly shining on her cheeks.

The girl sat on a chair next to me, and then I realized that it was Ira! That same is not folding, not beautiful, clumsy and inconspicuous Irka! But what happened to her in a year that we have not seen? Time died out of a pause, and everyone around them began to move, began to move and continued their work.

“Hello,” Ira smiled and looked at me. "Hello," I uttered. Ira wore ordinary blue jeans, a light yellow-bright sweater, comfortable shoes on her feet, and a pair of simple bracelets and a ring on her arm. But she was so fresh and self-confident, so light and detached from others, that it seemed as if she was floating above everyone.

“Er, what happened? You are so ... beautiful! You look great! ”I asked, stunned. Two guys at the next table constantly glimpsed in our direction and did not take their eyes off a friend. Ira smiled at them and looked at me with happy eyes. “How did you achieve this?” Rest went? Fell in love? In the gym signed up? Do you go to a beauty salon? Botox prick? ”- I began to sort through all the possible options.

Ira supported her chin with her hand and said: “You know, I understood and rethought a lot this year. I did a great job inside me. I entered a new level of life and found myself again. Do you know the secret? No, I did not live in the Maldives, I did not find myself a rich swagger who invests in me and does not make beauty shots. I just learned to spit on other people's opinions. Now it makes no difference to me what others think of me. Most importantly, I think about myself. As soon as I understood it, as soon as I learned to love myself, as soon as I instilled into myself that I was beautiful, everything changed in my life. Now I know for sure that the most beautiful woman is the one who can sneeze on the opinions of others. ” And Ira enthusiastically looked at me.

Our conversation was interrupted by the voice of one of the guys at the next table: "Girl, can I meet you?". Of course, these words addressed Irka. She laughed happily and readily turned to the newly minted gentleman.