5 things in the apartment that talk about your spiritual poverty

A sense of style is a skill that far from all is endowed with. This is especially true of the interior: it would seem that one does not need to be a designer to beautifully furnish a living space, but for some reason, many people still fail.

The interior of the apartments of many people in our country literally casts a longing. In some homes, although there is a peculiar aesthetics of desolation, this is hardly what should be present in a modern apartment. What elements are signs of lack of taste and spiritual poverty?

Old carpets on the walls

The relic of the Soviet era should long be a thing of the past, but for some reason it is still often found in the apartments of Russian residents. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and there are products that look really stylish and modern. But this is a great rarity, and it is very difficult to bring such an idea to life without the help of a competent interior designer.

Withered violets in boring plastic pots

Indoor plants, no doubt, decorate the house. But there is nothing worse than half-dead, dried plants, planted in tasteless Chinese plastic pots. They do not decorate your house, but only spoil it.

Porcelain figurines in large quantities

In the souvenir shops in the markets there are many different cheap figurines that people without imagination like to present as a gift (cheap and angry), and decorate their rooms with them. This is a very bad idea. If you place souvenirs at home, let them be original.

Old furniture covered with a blanket or bedspread

It looks very poor. Of course, the furniture is now expensive, but it’s still worth saving up - your rooms will immediately be transformed for the better.

Cheap reproductions of paintings on the walls

Such paintings, bought for pennies, are no better than porcelain figurines from the market. Try instead to look for the work of young artists - any work of authorship created in a single copy will be much better than a picture printed on low-quality paper.