Wife will not spend it: 5 signs that the husband got a mistress


Often there are differences in the relationship between the spouses, and the woman begins to notice that her beloved is changing before our eyes. How to find out if a husband has a mistress? There are several characteristic signs that a husband has started an affair on the side.

A terrible secret: how to find out if the husband has a mistress

Many representatives of the fair sex, married, often have to deal with the fact that her beloved husband changes. According to surveys, about half of all spouses cheated on their wives at least once in their lives. There are women who by their behavior provoke lovers for adultery. According to psychologists, men change not only housewives who no longer look after themselves, but also intelligent and attractive spouses.

Why do men give birth to mistresses?

Some representatives of the stronger sex, due to temperament and upbringing, are prone to novels on the side. Others - give birth to a mistress only in extreme cases. Not so critical, if it was a one-time and random betrayal. For example, if everything happened under the influence of strong drinks. Much worse if the lover appears constant passion. It is a real threat to family well-being. So how to calculate whether the husband has a mistress?

Lack of attention or desire to walk?

When a husband and wife constantly live under the same roof, they are bound by a routine, family life. They gradually move away from each other and cease to love. They are bored together, but no one can decide for divorce. A man may find consolation on the side because of the lack of attention from the spouse, who does not pay any attention to the devout because of the constant problems. Sometimes a man just wants to take a walk, to experience new, unusual emotions and sensations.

Is the wife guilty?

In such a situation, both are guilty. If the split in the family occurred because of the constant problems that were placed on the shoulders of the wife, then it is quite understandable that she cannot devote all her free time to her husband. Nevertheless, a woman should always pleasantly surprise her lover, develop fully, and also remain a mystery to her husband. Only in this case, he will never stop loving her.

How to find out if the husband has a mistress: 5 signs

In order to find out whether the noble novel has started on the side, it is necessary to observe how the husband behaves. He can do it under the influence of alcohol or consciously.

The husband leaves in the evenings and is delayed after work.

Why does a husband have a mistress? He just wants to escape from the routine and plunge into the pool of new sensations. Often the reason for spending the night outside the house is fishing or hunting. If the husband really loves camping, then perhaps this is just a false alarm. If the lover began to travel frequently on business trips or stay overnight with friends, then he probably does change.

The husband began to pay less attention

In this case, the husband is cheating. If he does not pay attention to his beloved, then he is definitely carried away by another woman.

Husband stopped showing interest

If your man began to have sex with you much less often than before, then this is really a cause for excitement. The representatives of the stronger sex desire weakens due to family conflicts, stress, problems at work. Often it is the wife to blame for the fact that sex disappears from their lives.

Husband shouts at his wife

If a woman, even before she learned that her husband had a mistress, began to notice aggression in her address, then, probably, he did have another one.

Husband stopped jealous

This suggests that he seriously became interested in another woman and his cold attitude towards his spouse is connected with this. If the husband has ceased to be jealous - he just lost interest.

What if the husband got a mistress?

It is necessary to analyze what exactly the spouse does not suit in the relationship. Should proceed to decisive action. If a woman does not want to lose her lover, then she needs to figure out how to get rid of her mistress.

In this case, it is necessary to change the anger to calm. It is important to tune in to a serious conversation. You need to talk to your spouse and ask directly why he is cheating. It is time to act if the husband gives money to his mistress. After all, this directly affects the family.

How to keep a husband so that he doesn’t even look “left”

To a woman never had to think about how I am worse than a mistress, it is necessary to prevent the beloved from leaving the family. It is important to pay attention to the following points, which will help avoid an unpleasant turn of events:

  • A woman must develop.
  • She should constantly give compliments to her husband so that he feels loved and attractive.
  • The wife is obliged to monitor their appearance.
  • She should treat her spouse with understanding.
  • Should not be jealous of her husband.

It happens that the wife herself made a lover because her husband does not pay any attention to her. The reason for this may also be that the spouse just fell out of love with her husband.