When you use blush so much, you become younger than your girlfriends.

Apply blush at the temples

Blush Face Studio, Maybelline, 250 rub. Blush is usually applied on apples of cheeks in order to make the complexion fresher and more rested. But do not forget about the magical lifting effect. To do this, you need to apply the tool on the whiskey. Your face will become more expressive. If, for example, a sculptor is applied to this area, the make-up will be “heavy”. Therefore, choose only bright natural shades of blush.

Add a little money on nose and eyelids

Blush in Infaillible Blush Stick, L'Oreal Paris, 485 rubles. In addition to highlighter, you can apply blush on your nose and eyelids. In this case, it is better to choose creamy textures. Blush on the eyelids will make your look more wide open (you won't even have to get enough sleep). Do not forget about the nose. It may seem to you that you will look like a Snow Maiden returning from frost. But it is not so! You will become more youthful and attractive.

Choose a peach shade

Blush Sexy Cream Blusher, Romanovamakeup, 1500 rub. Persian shade is associated with childhood, freshness and youth. Therefore, be sure to remember about it when you want to become a little younger than your age. Apply this shade not only on the apples of the cheeks, you can walk the whole face with a slight movement of the brush. This technique will make the skin rested, as if you are back from vacation.