This is ridiculous: 5 women's things that men do not like

Many men consider themselves weak experts in women's clothing. Sometimes they do not notice in what dress their girlfriend came to a date, or pay attention only to the color or general outlines of the chosen one's clothes. But, in some cases, they clearly see all the absurdity and unattractiveness of women's attire.

Why do men not like pants?

The fact that men want to see girls in dresses, has long been known. This fact is explained by the fact that representatives of a strong article are jealous of the fact that women took away this item of clothing from them. In addition, they want to see in front of their eyes beautiful female legs, not trousers that are annoying them. But over time, attitudes towards the pantsuit changed. Beautiful pants, stylish jeans do not go as opposed to the male representation. What types of pants do not like the stronger sex?


Culottes are shapeless, short pants with knee-length or ankle length. The classic version of the kyulot is designed for wide trouser legs and high landing. He does not like men due to the fact that the non-standard length visually shortens the figure, making it rather rounded (photo 4). Girls with full hips better not to wear such models, and if without this in any way - then you need to wear culottes with high heels. In addition, in the culottes one cannot see the beautiful figure and the slenderness of the legs. Men speak of culottes as a wired skirt or "not yet pants, but no longer a skirt."

Jeans boyfriends

Jeans boyfriends do not like, not only men, but many ladies. In their view: “How can a modern woman put on such a“ torn out ”and incompatibility?” Some men, jokingly, offer material help to girls in torn jeans or a needle with threads.

Than short down jackets have not pleased men?

Cropped down jackets do not like men from a practical point of view. In their opinion, warm clothing should cover vulnerable spots, and not open. In addition, in the shortened down jacket, many girls look shorter and clumsy. A man compares a girl in a short down jacket with a "bear in the north."

Why do the representatives of the strong article not like bright tights and clothes in the linen style?

Bright tights

Many girls believe that bright tights harmoniously complement their image. But representatives of the strong article with caution look at such beauties. They fear such boldness and even fear the lady in such bright tights, considering her unbalanced, flighty special. It is not known that such a girl in her head, if she wore her legs in such a bright accessory.

Clothes in linen style

Men are by nature proprietors. They do not like women's clothes in a lingerie style due to the fact that they do not want to see their darling in intimate home clothes, which she wears only for him, and not for anyone else. Jealousy is also manifested by the fact that clothes in lingerie style are too open and sexy.