5 stylish things that we will wear in spring 2019

If you have already collected a basic spring wardrobe - half the job is done. After all, a classic trench coat, a dress with a floral print, or the same universal jacket of pastel shade is a timeless and reliable classic that will not fail in changeable spring weather. But how to make the standard spring wardrobe more modern and fashionable, so that you look in the wake of all fashion trends? Fortunately, we have the answer to this question!

We have collected for you five fashion items that will perfectly complement your spring wardrobe and make it many times more relevant.

Sandals with straps

Minimalistic sandals with thin straps - a real hit of the season. And the thinner the straps, the better. At the same time, such shoes look equally advantageous with both casual jeans and evening dresses.

White jeans

White denim is no longer intended only for summer holidays - women of fashion around the world have already included it in their spring wardrobe. Especially elegant look jeans in ivory with tight turtlenecks and coat shade Kemel.

Pleated skirts

If you do not have such a pleated midi skirt, then urgently add it to your list of spring purchases. Pleated skirts look festive and relaxed at the same time - depending on what you combine with them: with a blouse and heels or with an oversize-jumper and coarse shoes. In general, this skirt is ideal for unstable spring weather, not to mention the fact that it looks the most fashionable and stylish.

Pearl jewelry

Jewelry with pearls can now be seen everywhere - and in fashion chronicles and Instagram tapes. In short, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and headbands with pearls are the absolute must-have of the season.

Leather shirts

Typically, leather items rarely fall into the spring collection, but this season was an exception. World designers return to fashion leather shirts - and it is worth noting, such a thing looks very fresh and stylish