6 zodiac unions, which simply are not destined to be together

Each of us at least once in his life was in a relationship that seemed ideal and durable, but did not add up. Instead of blaming ourselves for all sins, try to approach this issue from the perspective of astrology, which can accurately indicate which of the signs of the Zodiac are incompatible with each other.

Lion and cancer

The attraction between them is undeniable, but in practice nothing good comes out of the relationship. As never before, the chances are high that their relationship will end simply awful. The whole problem is the absolute opposite of their views. Cancers need a close relationship with their partner, while the Lions feel incredibly insecure in their relationships. Also, the relationship between these two signs of the zodiac does not add up due to the wide spectrum of emotions inherent in Lions. They can be incredibly kind and open, but at the same moment they can turn into intolerable critics. Kind-hearted Cancers always take it too close to their hearts and only accumulate discontent. Sooner or later, the Cancers will no longer be able to restrain themselves, and the relationship will crack, which will become more and more with time.

Capricorn and Aquarius

These signs of the zodiac are always considered among the most ambitious. No one wants to cross the road to these determined people. Ambitions are the only thing that unites them, but it is precisely the difference in approaches that leads their attitudes to the catastrophe. From the side, this couple seems to be the happiest, but in reality this is far from the case. Capricorns need certainty, clarity and clarity, while Aquarius is more focused on achieving concrete results.

Virgo and Twins

This couple is literally doomed to failure. Virgin by nature is incredibly practical, and Gemini is used to living in a fantasy world. Of course, dreams are not alien to Virgos, but what distinguishes them is that they are much more realistic in achieving them. The twins are incredible dreamers who have no idea how to achieve what they want. Ultimately, the Virgin simply rejected Gemini, tired of doing for them all the difficult and important work.

Libra and Taurus

Libra and Taurus, by contrast, are one of the most similar signs of the zodiac. One might think that such a relationship is doomed to success, although in fact this similarity is just another reason for parting. Partners find too many themselves in each other. Both of them are incredibly romantic and decisive, but the faithful Taurus always seeks to control sociable Libra. Scales, in turn, constantly want to be right and do not tolerate the challenges that they receive from obstinate Taurus. They are both so uncompromising in their nature that any instant contradiction creates an insurmountable gulf between them. The wider it becomes, the closer their relationship to the end.

Scorpio and Pisces

Both of these zodiac signs are always at the mercy of emotions and differ only in how they are expressed. Scorpio is extremely tense and active at such times, while Pisces are softer in nature. Both of these signs are distinguished by enviable adventurism, but in the case of Scorpios, he is always desperate, reckless and even reckless. Pisces more responsibly approach everything that they do. Scorpios seek to be the center of attention as often as possible, and Pisces are limited to their own fantasy world. These zodiac signs are simply not on the way.

Sagittarius and Cancer

Two zodiac signs with diametrically opposed characters that can only be in a relationship. Cancers with all their hands and feet tend to spend as much time as possible in the walls of their own home, Sagittarius do not think their lives without adventure. While the Cancers are trying to establish an emotional connection with their partners, Sagittarius cares only about the satisfaction of physical needs. Absolute opposites that have nothing in common. No matter how hard they try to preserve their relationship in the name of love, each new day will bring them closer to the break.