How to conquer others with their tanned legs: 7 tricks with tanning

Of course, it is better if the tan is natural, but not everyone has such an opportunity, but you still want to be beautiful. And then we have to resort to the help of special tools, such as tanning. How to do it right, so that those around you turn around on you just because you are really beautiful?
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Scrub Clean

The skin must be prepared before applying tanning. This is best done with a scrub. It will remove the remnants of dirt and dead skin particles, and even make it even and smooth. This will provide a better and more efficient application.

Prepare dry skin in a few days

Dry skin needs special attention. It is required not only to clean, but also moisten. This should be done with the help of good moisturizers, as well as lotions. And it is better to start the process in advance!

Work on scaly areas

Be sure to work on flaky skin. For this best suited shower gel with mechanical exfoliating particles. Otherwise, tanning will fall unevenly.

Test the tool on a small area of ​​the body

As in the case of hair dye, the test before applying is necessary. If you have an allergic reaction, the consequences of such beauty can be the most deplorable. You can also check what the shade will be as a result (yellow or bronze).

Apply tan quickly and evenly

If you hesitate to apply tanning or do it unevenly, you will get the same leopard effect that can sometimes be seen on women on the street.

Apply bottom up

Tanning is applied, starting from the bottom, from the feet, moving towards the shoulders. It is in this sequence that you get a perfectly even tone.

Do not wear clothes for an hour

If you do not want the coating to be damaged, and spots appear on the skin, for about an hour or two you will have to walk around the apartment bare.