3 things a man doesn't want to hear when he asks why you are alone

You are often asked: "Why are you still not married?" No matter how clever you are, you will never find enough witty answers to satisfy people's curiosity.

You are always annoyed when family and friends allow themselves to ask you about your personal life (or lack thereof). They do not just ask, they sympathize and feel sorry for you because of your situation.

But the most painful thing is that this question is perceived when it is casually asked to you by a man who likes it. He wants to know why you are still alone, and you cannot dodge the question.

Whatever you do, do not answer any of these answers:

1. "I just went through the party girl"

You do not need to apologize for the moment in your life when you did not think about dating. Now that you have decided that you want something serious, it matters to move forward.

Of course, you can tell your closest friends that for a long time you had no time for a relationship. But try to tell about this man who can look at you as the person with whom he wants to be together.

Most people probably do not want to hear about your sexual past on the first date. So, do yourself a favor and do not talk to a man on this topic.

2. "Most men are assholes"

In the past six months, you have met many men, and 90 percent of them were idiots.

Remember all the unpleasant stories with their participation for their diary entries or conversations with the best friend. Men already know exactly how most of them are talkative.

3. “I wanted to devote as much time as possible to myself”

Men are not the only ones who can be selfish and superficial. You can be like that too.

You did not answer once to a man who still loved comics. Another time you didn’t call a new friend after a night together, because he was disgusting in this matter. Having learned from your mistakes, now you are ready for a real relationship, this is great. But there is no need to delve into the past.

Perhaps your man was even lucky that your personal life did not go according to plan, because now you are ready to seriously start meeting someone. There is no need to first reveal all the secrets about your past personal life.

So the next time a man asks why you are still single, tell him about all the funny and cool things you did while you were not in a relationship. How many other women did he meet, who dreamed of skydiving and really did it?