How quietly wear the same thing 5 days in a row

Jeans - the most versatile thing in the wardrobe of every woman. And it's not just that you can go anywhere in them. That jeans can be a whole week to wear so that no one would even think that you are wearing the same thing. We will tell how to do it.

Wear base jeans with a white sweatshirt

The first day. Let's start with our favorite option - jeans + white shirt. He, by the way, is very fond of French women - in him at least to the office, at least for a walk, and everywhere you will be the most stylish. Today in the trend of oversight, therefore, the longer your shirt, the better.

Change the shirt to a bright top or blouse

Second day. Summer is a reason to always be in a great mood, and keep it bright colors, so we change the laconic white shirt to a bright top or blouse (if you go to the office, it is better to prefer a blouse made of thin lightweight materials). By the way, this is also a great way to raise self-esteem - in this way you will definitely be noticed!

Change jeans themselves with an unusual strap

Third day. Changing the top every day is too boring, so we go ahead and change the look of the jeans themselves. There are many options - if you are a supporter of minimalism, choose a thin bright strap with which your jeans will have a completely different look.

More eccentric women of fashion may try to tie a bright scarf around the waist or use a lace instead of a belt - this is one of the latest fashion trends, which was seen more than once in the performance of guests at the last Fashion Week.

Add graceful shoes

Day four. It's time to demonstrate your femininity - jeans are not a hindrance to this at all. If you do not want to look too fanciful, make a win-win outfit - combine jeans with a regular white T-shirt, and wear stylish pumps with them. Whether it will be a classic or a more interesting option depends on your mood and preferences.

Change the shoes for comfortable sneakers

Fifth day. At the end of the week, we want only one thing - comfort and relaxation. Therefore, do not torment yourself with heels (at least more than one day) - change them to stylish sneakers that look no worse. A laconic jumper will complete the perfect set for the upcoming weekend.
@ viktoriahutter That's one basic thing that can help you out in a variety of situations. So it may be worth freeing your wardrobe from some things, and at the same time saving yourself from the eternal problem - what to wear?