10 examples of frank messages that only repel a man


Text messaging can enhance or negate a man’s interest in you. This is especially true of the initial stage of the relationship. A well-thought-out texting strategy can intrigue a partner or, at least, make it so that relationships continue to evolve as smoothly as possible.

On the other hand, poorly written messages are a great way to make sure your relationship looks unstable, weak. Have you ever thought about the messages that repel men? This may be the biggest offense you commit in a relationship. Here are examples of such female messages.

1. I feel so bad! Please, I'm just begging you to go on a date with me

It doesn't matter how much you want a man to meet you. If you have to ask him for a date, it does not bode you any good. In any case, he will think that you are desperately clinging to any opportunity to start a relationship, just not to be lonely. And these women do not like men.

2. Did I say that I am schizophrenic without drugs?

One of the biggest fears that men experience is meeting a mentally unhealthy girl. Do not behave like crazy with SMS.

3. I am very drunk. I did not say that I have a serious problem with alcohol?

Every time you send a message to a partner in a state of intoxication and show skeletons in your closet, be sure that he understands: you are hardly suitable for a relationship. This is one of the examples of messages that will precisely alienate a man.

4. Do you think my ex still wants to come back to me?

The biggest blow that a man can experience when a girl writes to him is to hear that she likes another man. So if you don’t want him to become disinterested, keep your mouth shut and don’t talk about how much you miss your ex.

5. I'm so fat

Yes, modern society is critical of ladies with magnificent forms. But you can not, you just can not talk to a man about how you do not like your body. At best, it will look like you are just hunting for compliments. In the worst case, a man will immediately lose interest.

6. You never communicate with me when I need. You are useless

Insults do not attract. Put yourself in the shoes of a man in order to understand what kind of emotions cause such messages. If it repels you, then the man will repel too.

7. Why didn't you answer in time?

All women need to know how unappealing they can be impatient about receiving replies to messages. At times, women become annoying and impatient, not realizing that a man can really be busy. Relax and let him return to you in his free time.

8. Ok, cool

The answer in two or three words is a serious indicator that you are not interested - at least in the eyes of men this is exactly the case. If you never really respond to his messages, you will push him away, and eventually he will look for his interests elsewhere.

9. No text at all

Men hate it when women don't give a damn. How else? It is unpleasant! Do not maintain communication in correspondence with a man - a quick way to push him away.

10. You know what I'm talking about? (spelling preserved)

Spelling and grammar say a lot about intelligence, and, believe it or not, most men like smart and literate women. If you are writing as a daughters, it will be another way for him to think about whether you need to enter into a relationship with you. Do not be lazy to check your text before sending and do not neglect the built-in dictionaries.