Peace break: 9 principles of wise women, how to leave forever

Many women are so absorbed in finding information about how to please their partner, that they forget about another important aspect of relationships: how to part with a guy and survive the gap as a whole.

That's what you need to do and not to do in order to part with a man at any stage of the relationship.

Understand when it's time to end the relationship.

It seems obvious, but to be sure of parting and to understand that love has dried out, you need to spend a lot of time. Do not forget that there is always a choice and at any stage you know which moments in the relationship are positive or vice versa.

Do not attract him anymore? This is a sign that feelings are waning. If he is angry, uses you, stepping over the line from weekend fun to drug addiction and alcoholism or simply does not give you what you need and what you deserve, then it's time to leave and move on. Relationships need to work, and the realization that they have ceased to be something important makes attempts to rectify the situation useless.

Do not go to extremes

No need to ignore his messages and calls. If you are a long time in a relationship, and the partner knows all your subtleties, it will be painful and painful to break off the relationship at one moment. But there is another extreme, when a woman writes too often. It's too much. No one wants to receive punishment in the form of a large amount of information when tears flow and fingers type word by word,

Do not be angry

Do not talk about all the negative things that have accumulated over the months of a relationship. That makes no sense. If you do not speak reasonably, calmly and clearly, then seem petty and stupid. And it is better if you like the partner initially, so that after there was no reason to change the person.

Do not use cliches

Do you know the old cliché: “this is not your fault, but mine”? This is the easiest way to justify yourself, without pointing out the shortcomings of the person with whom you break up. Do not want to look rude or insincere? Do not rely on these banal phrases, build a lengthy and reasoned conversation.

Do not part in public

You may think that a public gap will make life easier, because the partner will not be able to arrange an emotional scene in public. But it’s so rude and ugly to sort things out in front of strangers and embarrass a man. Remember, it's not about making you feel good. First of all, you should be attentive to the feelings of your partner. It is better to do it in the zone comfortable for him.

Be prepared for all possible reactions.

People react differently to parting. Be prepared for a partner to start bargaining with you. He may suggest spending more time, being more attentive, or correcting something that you have complained about in the past or lacked in a relationship. He may be embarrassed and angry. While girls cry, men often become angry and uncontrollable when they are in pain. Keep calm and you will go through this awkward conversation and painful process.

Remember that all relationships are not the same.

Relationships as well as the process of parting forever may differ. Have you been together for a month or less? So parting by phone is acceptable. E-mail and text messages are not considered. How would you react if a man broke up with you on the internet? Rude, isn't it? Breaking relationships on the phone takes no more than five minutes. Be respectful and choose an evening when you know that he is at home. Do not leave a message about the break on his voice mail. If you meet a few months, it would be better to leave, having discussed everything personally. Meet with no false pretexts: do not pretend that you are going on a date with him. Do not be fooled and do not try to do it at ease, just talk seriously and purposefully. Make sure your partner is comfortable talking. Be calm and do not attack from the doorway.

Start the conversation right

Warn about the conversation. Yes, probably, everything will be immediately clear. This is normal. Start the conversation with a compliment. It will make him feel better and the conversation will start on a positive note. Do not be too dramatic, but tell me that he is a good man and the time spent together is priceless, but this relationship is not for you. Use the pronoun "I", thereby taking responsibility for the situation, rather than blaming him, saying: "You did it wrong." He will probably ask a few questions, and you need to answer them honestly, but succinctly. There is no need to disclose thoughts, explanations or details about why you no longer want to be with him. If you feel pressure, say that those feelings that once experienced, no longer exist. That's all. He will respect your honesty and integrity, and you will feel better if you become frank with a man.

Do as you would like to do with you.

Parting is an experience for partners. This is normal. You will be kind and grateful to the person with whom you have linked your life, albeit for a short time. Do not do evil because someone who once said badly said goodbye to you. Remember that parting can happen to anyone. Do not spoil your karma.