12 kinds of kisses, by which you will learn the true attitude of a man towards you


Each of the kisses is an expression of beauty, love, friendship, compassion and feelings. Kisses can be seen as a manifestation of love, as intimacy, as a union. Kisses discover something new. But it happens that they close.

What does his kiss say? Below are 12 types of male kisses and what they say about his feelings for you.

1. Easy kiss

The usual "smack" can mean immediately a lot of things. This is hello or farewell, a sign of anger or distancing partner. Sometimes it does feel like a kiss as such, and was not. We must proceed from the fact that a man has to: this is a simple hello or indifferent "I am upset with you."

2. biting kiss

If the lover bites his lip slightly, then he says that he wants more. More attention. More fun. This is an interesting kiss that requires attention and engages the game. If a man kisses you like this, then it means that he likes you and wants to play. Now.

3. Kiss in the corner of the lips

If a partner kisses you on the side of his lips, then either he has no time and he is in a hurry, or (more likely) teases you specifically. He wants to awaken the desire, but at the same time not in a hurry.

4. Kiss in the neck

A very frank and sensual kiss. When a man kisses your neck, it means that he dreams of intimacy with you. This is never a friendly kiss. This is not a "kiss of parting" and not "evil kiss." This is a kiss "I want to bed." And when he does, he expects you to feel the same.

5. Angry kiss

Such a kiss happens when two angry people argue, cling to each other and kiss carelessly, intensely and slightly aggressively. There is only one such kiss, and it happens only during or after a quarrel. And never before her, and never, if everything is peacefully good in a pair.

6. Kiss of parting

This is the worst kiss of all. He is sad, slow and tense. And usually salty because of tears. This is not a "gloomy kiss" in which one began to break away from the other. This is the kiss in which both of you are saying “goodbye” to each other’s eyes, and it hurts. This is the kiss that does not want to end. Because as soon as he stops, it's over. Your story ends as a pair.

7. Gloomy kiss

With language finished. The lips are a bit soft and not tense. The mouth also does not linger anymore. This kiss indicates that the partner's feelings have come to an end, or that you have problems and his anger or pain are between you and the wall.

8. Wandering kiss

A kiss that starts in the mouth and goes to the neck, chest, cheeks is a kiss that causes desire. The partner begins to explore your body with your lips, starting from the face and ending below. He does this on purpose. Let not rush, the fun is just beginning.

9. In the forehead

Adoring, gentle, sweet. In the forehead kisses only one who truly considers you sweet and valuable. A kiss in the forehead is considered maternal or paternal, but this does not mean that the partner is not attracted. Of all kinds of kisses, he is the most special. Anyone can kiss the cheek, but only the one who truly loves can kiss on the forehead or on the upper part of the nose.

10. In the chest

What does this kiss mean? A kiss near the chest will make you undress faster, or you are obviously in a bad situation. This is a strong, passionate and frank kiss.

11. On the chin

Right on the chin? The one who does this is feeling affection for you. But be sure to try to kiss in the neck, in the chest. And either checks you, or tries to meet their needs and does not seem too impudent.

12. Endless kiss

This kiss does not end, and you do not want it. Your faces change slope many times. You do not stop to rest. Your hands dig into each other, clinging to the first one. Such a kiss is similar to the fact that you have found yourself in this kiss and are ready to completely get lost in another person. Time stopped. Not literally, but for the two of you, yes.