The most jealous signs of the zodiac that will not let you look around

If you want to forget about the existence of people of the opposite sex, then all you need is to have a romance with one of these zodiac signs. They are so jealous that you hardly dare to make acquaintance with someone. Today we have collected the most jealous signs of the zodiac.

The most jealous signs of the zodiac: women


She started a novel and has already decided that the man - her property. One of his eyes on another woman leads her into a nervous stupor, and in her free time she winds herself up.


How is it even possible for her man not to look at her? She will never allow this in her life. True, very often men simply run away from her.


She can not imagine how a man can be interesting with someone other than her. And if he is interested, she will definitely not be well when she finds out about it.

The most jealous signs of the zodiac: men


A tyrant by nature, he is ready to build his lady from morning to evening. First of all it concerns, of course, relationships and communication with other men. No, what other men in general?

a lion

He has a very high opinion of himself, and therefore does not understand at all how it is possible at all to think about someone other than him, a beloved one. With all the consequences. He just can not cope with jealousy, when the beloved gives him a reason.


He may not pay attention to you all day and week, but in no case do not repeat this and look at others, he somehow does. He will not forgive you for this, but in anger Scorpio is very dangerous. This is the most jealous sign of the zodiac among men.