5 rules for building a happy relationship that only an intelligent woman knows


Even if you find yourself a great man, a worthy man who loves and respects you, this is not a guarantee that you will be happy. Because you need to work on relationships, and both partners must do this. How to build a relationship with a man and be happy?

What is a happy relationship

So, what are the signs of a happy relationship to strive for?

  • Mutual respect: where there is no respect, there simply cannot be harmony
  • Respect for personal boundaries: no matter how strong the jealousy is, respecting personal boundaries is very important in order to feel comfortable in a relationship.
  • Worldview and personal goals: each partner may have his own goals, but in order for the couple to be happy, they should not contradict each other.

How to build a happy relationship

What should a woman do to build a happy and harmonious relationship? Just take into account these nuances.

Respect his interests

Even if he spends his evenings on the console, and the weekend for fishing. He, too, can say a lot about your many-hour shopping trips.

Do not criticize

He is of strong sex, and does not like very much when he is criticized and told him what to do. Even if you think that he is behaving foolishly, try to hint at it as gently as possible.

Be affectionate

Although men can pay attention to the bitchy woman, in relationships they prefer a soft and affectionate.

Do not be jealous

If he wanted to get another woman, why would he have a relationship with you? Constantly suspecting him of something, you make yourself and your relationship only worse.

Do not try to turn into a tyrant

Surprisingly, this is the biggest problem women face in relationships. You should not try to build it, the man will resist to the victorious.

What relationship problems are most common?

Very often, women destroy their relationship by their own stupidity. What should not be allowed in a relationship so that everything does not go in the wrong direction?

  • Reluctance to listen to him: if you do not listen to him, there will be one that will be.
  • Denying sex: making love without the desire, of course, is not the case, but it is not worth refusing to satisfy his needs either
  • To quarrel with his family and friends: close people are of great importance for men. If you do not want to lose it, do not conflict with them.

So, mutual respect, understanding in relation to each other will make your novel harmonious and comfortable. Do not forget that both partners must work on the relationship, so if a man refuses, in turn, to make concessions to you, maybe this is simply not your man?