7 phrases that it is forbidden to speak out loud to a woman who respects herself

These phrases are able to bring every normal man to a nervous attack. Do not pronounce them if you do not want your man to draw disappointing conclusions about your level of intelligence and your intentions.

“How much do you earn?”

Only a mercantile woman can say that. As if everything else - what kind of person he is, what he likes, what he does, you are not at all interested in.

“Will you take me to Bali?”

Approximately the same as the question about the salary. If he wants and can, he will certainly take him. But if you yourself tell him about it, he will still think well whether to go with you to Bali, or it is better to put you in a taxi, send you home and never meet again. While the money is still there.

"You do not love me!"

In the morning he was sure that he loved, but now he doubts. The most stupid in the opinion of men is the phrase regularly puzzles them. If he doesn't, then what is he doing here then?

"I'm offended. What, I will not say "

He did not notice that you were offended at all. Now he will suffer the next two days, and when you finally say that the reason is that he made you coffee with the wrong amount of spoons of sugar, he will be offended.

"Look at your friend, he changes his second car in a year."

The only thing I want to say in this case is “well, go to it”. The more you repeat it, the higher the likelihood one day to hear it.

"All your friends are stupid / alcoholics"

And what do you say if he accuses your girlfriend of inclinations towards the oldest profession? These are his friends, and they are dear to him.

"You do not give me time"

If you have such a problem, it is worth considering what it is connected with. Maybe he works a lot, or even fell out of love with you. Constant reproaches about this will only cause his irritation.