Male Phrasebook: How to explain to a man what you want


Many women do not know how to explain to a man what you want, since there are many situations that require immediate resolution. The representatives of the stronger sex are arranged in such a way that they all need to speak directly, and not expect any decisive action from them.

How to explain to a man what you want?

One of the most unpleasant experiences is when a couple has a formal relationship for a long time or just meets, but the woman feels a certain discomfort when trying to talk to her lover. It can destroy love.

At the beginning of the relationship, many of the fair sex are afraid to push the guy away, so they try to hide their displeasure with his behavior. They just hope for the best. At the same time, they feel that they are investing too much in the development of relations without receiving feedback.

There are three factors that are important when you need to talk to your beloved about important things. This is the mood, strategy and selection of the right words.

Tell a man that you want a relationship - what could be more difficult?

The first thing to do is tune in to a positive wave. You just need to talk to the man you like and tell him that you want to build a relationship with him. This should be done only if you are confident in his feelings and sympathy for you.

Talk or wait for his action?

No need to wait until the man himself realizes that he wants to meet with you. It is necessary to take the initiative. Relationships must move only forward. As long as there is movement, it is possible to give time for the development of a particular step. If a man does not take any action, you just need to talk to him.

How to make it clear to a man that you want to be with him?

It is necessary to begin a calm conversation with him, in which the conversation will slowly grow into the future of relationships. You do not need to put pressure on the representative of the stronger sex, as this will only push him away.

You also need to pay attention to this fact: men often really know when they meet their “only woman”. Therefore, the expectation of his specific steps and actions is often a bad idea.

I want a child, but I do not know how to tell my husband: what to do?

If the beloved do not talk to each other about really important things, then sooner or later it will destroy any relationship.

The husband does not want a child: the reasons

They are as follows:

  • There is no dialogue between husband and wife.
  • Fear.
  • Fear of responsibility.

Ways to persuade a husband to a child

It does not help blackmail or persuasion. You need to find the right words and tell why it is so important for you to have a baby in the near future. If he does not go on dialogue and compromise, then you just have to part with a man.

How to explain to a man that I do not like his attitude towards me?

As in all other cases, silence will not make the relationship stronger. It should be explained to the man that you do not like his behavior. This should be done delicately and discreetly, as representatives of the stronger sex do not like scandals and quarrels and always try to avoid them in every way.

Why doesn't my husband respect me?

The reasons may be many. The very first and banal - a woman just gave a man a lot of freedom. She washes his socks, cleans him up, prepares for him, and he is always dissatisfied. This suggests that the woman has no self-esteem.

How to achieve respect spouse?

Often one conversation in this situation will not be enough. It is necessary to take initiative, to be strong and strong-willed. You can not allow a man to manipulate themselves. Perhaps the husband does not understand that he is doing something wrong. With him you need to talk and put all the points.

There is no chance: how to tell a man to part

In such situations, when the husband does not want children or love has long passed, it is necessary to call him in for a serious conversation. We need to start with pleasant words, memories of a joint relationship.

How to part with a man painlessly?

How to tell a husband that a relationship is over? It is necessary to explain in a calm tone, why you need to leave. You should not shout and quarrel, as this will make the separation more painful. After the conversation, you should delete his phone number and plunge into new pleasant emotions.

To part with a loving man

We must act delicately in order not to hurt his feelings. So how do you tell your husband what I want? You must be honest and sincere. It is important to try to make a strong case for ending the relationship. Most importantly, during parting, it is necessary to focus on how many positive qualities he has.