25 actions by women who are considered inadmissible by men


Meet a man who will be the best partner and friend. Such a relationship will be glad every woman. But strong love requires the work of both partners and honest communication. Truly healthy relationships change and adapt to every life challenge.

Here are 25 mistakes that women make in a relationship, without thinking about the consequences. All these actions lead to the same scenario - to break. Check the list and be careful if you recognize yourself in one of the items.

So what can not be done in a relationship:

1. Skip kisses with your chosen one. It is necessary to kiss every day, it is proved by science.

2. Find fault with him on trifles.

3. Go to bed in a bad mood.

4. Do not respond to his messages.

5. Get angry at your partner for no reason.

6. To consult not with your chosen one, but with friends or relatives, if the question concerns you two.

7. Be too critical of your beloved man.

8. Forget about friends.

9. Do not accept what you have with him differences.

10. Take your chosen one for granted.

11. Do not hold hands with loved ones.

12. Stop the wild sex you both love so much.

13. Always put yourself first.

14. Doubt your feelings, or your partner.

15. To say to him “I love you”, without having this in mind.

16. Giving a man false hope.

17. To keep everything inside you, instead of discussing with him.

18. Exaggerate your feelings towards a man.

19. Avoid talking about a shared future vision.

20. Stop developing together.

21. Do not adjust to your partner's sleep pattern.

22. Discuss your chosen one with friends instead of talking to him.

23. To forget that love is something that both need to work on every day.

24. Stop talking to your partner about his merits and emphasize that he is good.

25. Stop caring for your man and about living together.