5 love languages ​​that everyone should know

The problem with many modern relationships is that partners are waiting for certain attention signs from the second half. In practice, it turns out that we just speak different languages ​​of love. Identifying the right language can help partners better communicate their feelings and understand each other.

The words

For a person whose love language is words, compliments are a whole world. Yes, a good gift and a hug will be pleasant, but she or he really wants to hear how they are loved and willing to care. It is necessary to voice or write. Words of recognition can build a whole foundation of love for some people. The main thing. make sure that pleasant things are sounded or were designed in the text version sincerely and without unnecessary exaggerations.

Action man

Such a person can swear love as much as he wants, but to himself he will think: “Stop talking. If you love me, do something. ” Man-action wants to hear “How can I help?” Or “What can I do for you?”. The most important condition is gratuity.


Souvenirs are another way to the heart. Giving gifts doesn’t mean sending money regularly, because a few roses from a nearby flower shop or a signed card will mean a lot. Many people confuse this language with egoism and mercantile spirit. Such people are important surprises and souvenirs on random occasions, and not gifts, which they expect on a birthday or anniversary. Of course, this is an integral part, but the element of surprise is much more valuable for them. The more natural and unexpected a gift, the more beloved a person will feel. Material symbols of love allow him to feel a connection with his partner.

Allotted time

For lovers with this type of love, attention is the best gift.
This language of love is the most difficult. At all now loaded graphics, and it is necessary to cut out a couple of hours simply overwork. However, people with such a perception of relationships feel most loved when the second half puts the phone in “airplane mode” and gives them all their attention. Being near means to love. You may think that it is important for such people that you quit your job, but in fact it will be enough for them to know that the partner’s free time belongs only to the beloved one.


Physical touch is a direct way, especially in those cultures where such gestures are too sexualized. Such a language of love is not closed on sex. The physical proximity and mode of action through which all tenderness and warmth of feelings are transmitted to the partner is important. After a long and tiring day there is nothing better than a simple hug. The feeling that they are waiting for you at home and supporting you morally and physically is priceless.

These 5 languages ​​of love can be used to improve relationships, talking with a partner "his words", and to let him know that he is important to you and we love you. The truth is that everyone has his own way of transmitting feelings and getting warmth from another person. Knowing the love language of your partner, you can easily build a long and strong relationship.