10 chips while flirting, which instantly drive a man crazy


While dating a man, flirting not only helps a woman: with the ability to use it, he is even more effective than a beautiful appearance. This is already confirmed by psychologists facts. Several experiments have shown that not the most beautiful women seem to be successful with the opposite sex, but those who demonstrate their confidence and openness with the help of the basic techniques of flirting: smiles and eye contact.

Very simple, yes? Below are a few expert and helpful facts about flirting and seduction that you might not know, but which will be useful to you.

1. Five kinds of flirting

You probably think that a light touch or a wink is also a flirt. But it is not. It turns out that there are five types of flirting: ordinary (traditional), physical, mental, playful and polite. 25 percent of flirting are playful. And at the same time, 30 percent is spiritual in order to lure a person to his network of emotions.

2. Eye contact adds appeal

As soon as you decide to smile, try more and eye contact. He will be a sign that you are interested in a man, and also will attract him more than initially. Continuous mutual gaze for two minutes, even with an unfamiliar "generates a feeling of passionate love."

3. Women who touch, more dating

There are three types of touches: friendly (push with a shoulder or tapping), specious (touching around a shoulder, forearm or waist) and “nuclear”, it is also a touch to the face. If you are a risky person, then use the third option.

4. If you portray the hard to reach, then it also works

Exactly. To present oneself as “especially valuable and necessary for everyone at once” in order to whet interest to oneself is quite a chance to catch the attention of a man. They want what they cannot get.

5. For men, female age is not the main thing.

When it comes to men’s evening meetings with women, and flirting is a way to have fun, then 83 percent of men say they don’t care how old you are. And even if it comes to the "same", then age does not matter at all. Did you know about it?

6. The sweeter your voice, the higher the chances

Men are not lucky with a sexy voice, unlike us. Women in this sense have all the advantages. We are able to change the voice. If we are interested, we speak smoothly and quickly. If we are not aware of the situation, then speech becomes indecisive.

7. The tilt of your head tells him a lot.

Scientific fact: the most seductive for a man looks when you tilt your head forward, because while you look a little bit up. And it creates a more feminine image. And we know how men like it.

8. Red color especially attracts a man.

Regardless of what you choose - make up red lips or put on a red dress, this color will definitely switch everyone on you. The effect of a red dress not only helps to attract attention, but also opens up more opportunities sexually. Regardless of whether this is what you are trying to achieve or not, it is worth considering before you go on adventures.

9. Being direct is better than using hints.

While some women gently and vaguely hint, men choose those who speak directly. And there is nothing sexier than knowing what and how you want. But at the same time, both men and women will agree that "abstruse" hints are simply terrible.

10. Flirting is a health benefit.

Strange, yes? But those who flirt regularly have a higher number of leukocytes. And that means they are truly healthier.