6 ways how a man expresses his love for a woman without words

Often hugs are able to tell about the feelings of a partner more and more expressively than words. Many people do not even think about how many situations exist when hugs are used.

Hugs that last just over 20 seconds can give us a few minutes of happiness. Moreover, certain chemical reactions take place in our body, as a result of which dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin are released. These substances raise our spirits and improve our well-being.

Experts distinguish not only the types, but also the levels of hugs, and each of them carries its own semantic load. Here are 6 types of male hugs and their meaning.

Man hugging from the back

If the beloved hugs from the back, he wants to give his beloved a sense of protection, comfort. Thus, a man as if says that he is a “wall”, a support, a reliable rear for his beloved, that you can count on him in any situation. So hug, when they want to protect from the dangers of hidden attacks, creating an additional level of protection. Hugs belong to the category of intimate and they say: "I control your rear".

Man hugging, gently patting on the back

Such embrace partner give your loved ones additional confidence and comfort. Often they are used in situations where one person tries to console another, Romantics in such hugs are few, but they have a special subtext - men's support.

Man hugging his waist

As a rule, it is a very intimate hug, and with friendly relations do not. If a man embraces a woman by the waist, he tends to become even closer, hinting that he wants to spend more time together and is looking for intimacy. Such embraces cause a relationship of trust between lovers.

A man puts a woman in a tender hug, looking into his eyes

Very intimate intimate form of embraces between loved ones, people loving each other. It is not suitable for friendships. It shows that intimate relations exist between them, filled with deep feelings, passion, and temperament.

Bear hug

A very strong, so strong embrace of a man, as if he is trying to squeeze the life out of his partner, speaks of strong love and adoration. And he is trying to put all his passion, love and desire into his powerful embrace.

Endless hugs

Such sensual hugs can last forever. Very fragile, touching, tender. Very quiet. Many may even find it boring. But not for those two who exchange the most intimate and intimate, warmth and love. This is a different level of love and relationships, which is very rare. If you have been in such hugs, you understand how beautiful they are.