Causes of loneliness of each sign of the zodiac


Based on your zodiac signs and, both positive and negative traits that you possess, you will find out why you are always alone.

1. Aries

You have a tendency to dominate. You are free in spirit, and it pushes away your man. The fact that you are too demanding makes him not want to be with you.

2. Taurus

Feeling safe is your number one priority. This often leads you to become the one who asks a lot of questions, because you want to know what you are aiming for, whether it is worth it and whether it will give you security that you value so much. At first, the relationship will develop well, but after a while your need and tenacity will completely alienate your man.

3. Twins

You can not always decide: yes or no, right or left, one or the other, etc. Despite your natural charm and voluptuous behavior, you still have an unpleasant and nervous side that fills you with self-doubt that your man usually wants to commit suicide. In the end, none of you want to talk while you are there, solving your internal conflicts with yourself and moving from one solution to another.

4. Cancer

You have big problems with self-doubt. In most cases, you doubt whether you are good enough for another person. This uncertainty very often makes you constantly ask your man if he loves you and at the same time he needs to convince you of this. That is what repels another person.

5. Leo

Your ego often takes over, making you somewhat careless about the qualities your man has. At first it may seem nice to him, but after a while it becomes a huge obstacle and pushes him away.

6. Virgin

Virgos are known for being perfect perfectionists, they are too critical and worry too much. Their rethinking often makes a man feel that he is not good enough or does everything wrong, and they diverge. You have the obsession to fix things, put your lives in order, and so on. This is not something that everyone can accept.

7. Scales

For someone it is very hard to be with you, because you constantly feel sorry for yourself. You think the world is against you. In fact, it is only you who are opposed to yourself. In any case, no one wants to carry an additional burden on themselves.

8. Scorpio

You feel like a less significant person if you declare your weaknesses, shortcomings, etc. to your man. There comes a time when you begin to hide so much from him that he sees that all the good qualities leave you. Being so secretive is such a bad thing for you.

9. Sagittarius

You, as you know, a spontaneous person, will never sit in one place. Your man will never know when you pack your things and leave him. It makes you give empty promises, forcing your man to doubt that he can rely on you. You just do not give him a solid foundation to continue the relationship.

10. Capricorn

You are not ready to quit your job and business for his sake. Because of this, the man does not want to be with you. He needs some kind of incentive to be ready to quit your job and be near him when the time comes. The fact that you cannot give it to him scares him.

11. Aquarius

The reason you are alone forever is that you tend to shut yourself off and pretend that you have no emotions. You do this because you do not want to be vulnerable, but, in fact, all you do is make your man leave, because you cannot be honest with him.

12. Fish

The reason why a man does not want to be with you is that you demand too much. It makes him feel that his efforts will never be enough, so he leaves you.