5 quick styling for women who are always late

Let's be honest when your every day is scheduled by the minute, hair styling goes to the second, and sometimes to the last place. But no matter how pathetic it may sound, luxurious hair determines our overall appearance and much influence the success of any daily activities. You start to feel much more confident, have others around you and do not get distracted by the thought that today, for example, you forgot to wash your hair.

We decided to make your life easier and made a list of spectacular styling, which is ideal for those who never sit still, but do not plan to put an end to their femininity.

Beach waves

This stylish and absolutely universal hairstyle is easy to create with the help of curling. Just grab a pair of strands and wind them on the styler, hold for a few minutes and dissolve. Front strands, it is important to twist away from the face. Hair at the same time must be dry. To make the waves soft, spread them out with your fingers or walk along the curls with a comb. So, in just a couple of minutes you can go from flat, boring strands to cheerful beach waves.

High beam

This is an easy way to gently collect hair and look neat, even if you haven’t washed your hair for a week. All you need is a rubber band. To make the beam smoother, you can also use a bagel for the hair. If you have naughty hair, fix it with hairspray, but so that they retain a natural, slightly sloppy look.


From time to time we all want to trade long curls for a short, bold haircut — but only for one day and without the use of scissors, is it? Fortunately, this can be done! To simulate a short haircut bob can be twisted part of the hair inside and securing them invisible to the head. Best of all, such a bob will turn out for those who have multi-layered cascading haircut.

Low free bundle

In those days when you did not have time to put your hair in order or wash your hair, you can safely make a voluminous low bun. The more careless and free he will look - the better. We assure everyone it will seem as if you spent hours in front of a mirror, styling your hair. Just arm yourself with a rubber band, studs and stealth. First of all, tie the hair in a weak low tail. Then twist the hair in a bun and fix the curls with hairpins and invisible hair to the head. The last step is to straighten the hair, slightly pulling the curls out of the beam to create volume. Voila! Elegant and fashionable sloppy bunch ready.