Remember these 10 perfumery techniques, and your fragrance will sound more expensive

Keep perfume in dark places

If you want to increase the durability of your fragrance, then you should not keep perfumes in the bathroom or in other moist and warm places. Heat, light, and humidity will spoil the quality of fragrances and reduce the concentration of smell. Instead, it is better to store perfume in cold, dry places, such as a refrigerator, pantry, or shelf in the bedroom.

Apply cream first

Try applying an odorless cream before spraying your fragrance. Dense creamy texture will keep the smell on your skin throughout the day, especially if you have dry skin.

Spray the scent in the air

For a more airy fragrance, spray the perfume in the air and slowly enter this cloud. Spray evenly distributed throughout the body and leave on you a shade of flavor in the case, if you do not want to smell too harsh.

Do not put perfume on hair immediately

Do not spray the perfume on your hair right away; it can dry out and make it dull. Much better to apply the product to the comb and simply comb your curls. Your hair will be slightly fragrant and intact.

Avoid water

You should not keep the place where you put perfume under water. Under the influence of water, the top notes of the perfume, will open faster and the aroma will not be so bright.

Spray perfume on napkins

In order not to buy sachet bags in the store, you can sprinkle your perfume on a couple of dry napkins and arrange them in the closet. After a couple of days, you will notice that all your clothes have a pleasant light fragrance.

Try oily perfume

If you can not find that one your only smell, then you should try oily perfume. Oriental aromas, smells of flowers and spices, sweet and sharp, light and bold. Perfume from the East may interest even the most captious connoisseur of fragrances.

Do not forget about coffee beans

In order to get rid of the aroma, if you suddenly overdo it with the spirits try the coffee beans. They absorb excess odor without much effort.

Use a makeup wipe.

If you tried the perfume for the first time and were unhappy, then try using a makeup napkin to get rid of the smell. Smells like a box of chocolates. You never know what you like.

Use a cotton pad

Spray the perfume on cotton swabs and hide them in secret pockets inside the bag, in order to pillow during the day. Cotton swabs are much easier than a bottle of perfume and it is very convenient.