15 things that should become the habits of every self-respecting woman


We are brought up in traditions when it is necessary to sacrifice ourselves for the interests of other people. This is especially instilled from early childhood to girls - future wives and mothers. But hardly self-sacrifice will make a woman happy and will cause respect from others. Rather, just approval.

Is taking care of yourself is selfish? Healthy egoism helps to feel like a true woman who values ​​herself and transmits it to others.

Here are 15 rules of a woman not selfish, but self-respecting.

1. Say no

No excuses are needed; simply “no” is enough. People act as if it is something stunning and wildly rude.

2. Think about yourself first

You do not benefit others if you do not love yourself.

3. Loneliness

Sometimes it's extremely helpful to be alone with you.

4. Do not settle for intimacy with your man when you are not in the mood

5. Limit communication with a friend whose problems affect your happiness.

You too should take care of yourself.

6. Be proud of your work.

7. Break up with someone you dislike.

Even if he threatens to commit suicide.

8. Do not have children if you do not want

9. Do not lend money because it can embarrass you.

10. Compliment yourself - very important

Most people take it as arrogance. But you know that you are doing something well, and you just need a positive attitude. The only way to get it is to praise yourself out loud. You must learn to be confident.

11. Immediately correct the one who says your name incorrectly.

If a mistake in your name is pronounced by the interlocutor with whom you have just met, tactfully correct it and do not wait for another occasion. If this happens again, for example, after six months, he will be more embarrassed, why you didn’t correct him a few months ago.

12. Cancel your plans, because sometimes you simply do not have the strength to communicate with people.

Sometimes this tiny detail keeps you sanity.

13. Divorce your husband if you want it, even if he didn’t do anything wrong.

It is tempting to think that everything in a relationship can be refined and improved until someone offends another, but sometimes we just need to admit that our time with a man is over.

14. Do not arrange a big wedding at the request of loved ones

If your relatives want your celebration to be as lush as theirs, this should not force them to embody their fantasies.

15. You should not communicate with negative people.

Some people are not allowed to stay in your life, and you should not explain it to them.