If a man does these 5 things, he manipulates you

The worst thing about relationships is when you are being manipulated. The partner begins to control your thoughts, actions, even desires. You stop living your life and interests and do only what he wants. Not very nice, right? We have collected 5 signs that you are being manipulated so that you are sure that this is not happening to you.

He makes you feel guilty about everything.

Manipulators always put pressure on guilt feelings. The more you feel guilty, the more likely you will do what your partner wants. Remember, constant shame is not love. The manipulator will pretend that his love is stronger, truer, but it is not. He just uses you to seem better.

He tells you about his insecurity.

In order to instill uncertainty in you and subordinate it to your will, manipulators often convince of their insecurity. “I'm sorry that I did it, but I'm so afraid that you will leave me!” - such a phrase is often an excuse that manipulators use when you point out their flaws. The sole purpose of this justification is to divert attention from real problems.

Because of him you doubt yourself

Want to know why manipulators so easily manage to subordinate to the will of others? Because they lower someone else's self-esteem is nowhere below. An unsure person is very easy to control, because others know exactly how best.

Manipulators put pressure on weak points and pretend that they help, but in fact they bind to themselves. Their task is to make the victim trust them more than himself.

He makes you responsible for his emotions.

The behavior of manipulators is ironic in the sense that they spend quite a lot of time, making you feel as if you are not able to think for yourself. After that, they dramatically change their position and force you to look for the cause of their bad mood in your behavior.

Is he sad You probably offended him. He's mad? Most likely, it was you who did something wrong.

He makes you want what he wants

Everyone has requirements and expectations regarding relationships. And when the lives of two people begin to connect, the time for compromise comes. And that's fine. It is not normal when you completely forget about your desires and interests for the sake of your partner. And when you finally put forward your demands, it behaves in such a way that you feel ashamed of your behavior. Remember, you must not forget about yourself. Relationships are collaboration.