7 rules of etiquette with which you can easily make the right impression

The rules of etiquette are a set of rules that everyone should know (but only a couple can remember as a memory) and abide by, but very few people do it in practice. And in vain. If you act in accordance with these rules, you can not only make the right impression, but also be actually one step higher than everyone else. We have compiled 7 basic rules that apply to situations that regularly occur with us.

Bag on the table do not put

And on the floor too. She put on a special stand for bags. And if there is none, they hang it on the back of their own chair. In general, anywhere, but not close to food.

No - a public display of tenderness

We once wrote that if a man does not want to kiss and hug you in front of people, it can talk about his shyness. And also - that he is well brought up, because public manifestations of love are contrary to etiquette and annoy others.

Do not get distracted during the conversation.

Do not count the raven, in the literal and figurative sense. This is not only ugly in relation to the interlocutor, and is fraught with the fact that you listen to something important, but also contrary to etiquette.

The first dish and drinks do not drink to the end

If you ever wondered how to drink a drink with a straw, or finish the soup without making unpleasant smacking sounds, then the answer is no way. Because of the etiquette to drink and finish eating them is not accepted.

Second dishes must be cut into pieces

Do not string a piece of meat with dripping gravy on the fork and bite from it. It is accepted to eat with a knife and fork, cutting food into small pieces.

Etiquette when meeting a friend who comes with a woman

Do not rush to his neck. First, you confuse his companion and himself. Secondly, from the point of view of etiquette, this is unacceptable.

Do not seek to attract attention in a public place.

A loud conversation, an incessant laugh, the rumble of chairs and other sounds that will make the entire restaurant hall or other public place turn on you are not the norm of behavior.