5 ways to safely leave a man and stay in good relations


Parting is an unpleasant event that can leave an unpleasant imprint on both your soul and your man's soul. How to part with a man so that it does not become a tragedy for both of you?

How to part with a man, if there are no prospects

To get started is to figure out when relationships become unpromising. The following signs may indicate this:

  • You stopped respecting each other,
  • You spend leisure time separately,
    You don't want him anymore
  • It annoys you, although there are no prerequisites for this,
  • You feel you don't love him anymore,
  • Your life paths diverged.

How to part with a loving man

But what if you stopped loving him, but the man still loves you? When parting with him, use these 5 ways:

Pick a convenient moment

It is not worth doing this when he is full of other problems, or when he is wholeheartedly with you.

Be softer

Calmly explain the situation and do not stoop to clarify the relationship. This is to neither you nor the man.

Explain that it is not about him.

You cannot command a heart, and neither you nor he are to blame for your falling out of love. Do not allow him to start thinking about what he is to blame.

Get out of his life after breaking up

Trying to maintain friendships after parting to anything, it will only hurt more, and you will be tormented by nostalgia.

Do not tell mutual friends

If everyone around you knows about your separation and relationship problems, it will be much more painful for him.

Breaking up with a married man

You started a novel, and then suddenly you learned that a man is married. Or maybe so they knew, but they closed their eyes to it. What to do? Of course, break up.

  • Mark your position: you do not like the role of mistress.
  • Do not call him: all contacts should be interrupted.
  • Do not revenge: even if you really want. Spoiling the lives of other people, happier you just do not become.

Painlessly part: the advice of a psychologist

And how to part, so that there is no bitter taste in the mouth? Use the advice of psychologists.

  • Minimize contact, if you have mutual friends, suspend,
  • Take a break from work
  • Find new hobbies,
  • Make new acquaintances, both friendly and with men.
  • Spend more time with your loved ones, because a man is not the only person dear to you.