These 5 body products will make your skin as luxurious as after an expensive spa.

Body milk

Almond milk for skin elasticity, L'Occitane, 3990 rub. Buy

This tool will not only moisturize even the driest skin, but also provide a tightening effect. After a month of regular use of this cream, you will not recognize your body. A new complex of walnut and almond extract restores skin elasticity and stimulates cellular renewal.

Body Oil

Almond Body Oil, L'Occitane, 1690 rub. Buy

This tool - a real bestseller brand. In contact with water, it will turn into a luxurious foam, moisturize your skin and give it a glow.

Body lotion

Refreshing Body Lotion SPF25, L'Occitane, 1990 rub. Buy

Pay special attention to this tool, because it protects the skin from the sun. Contains coolants that effectively nourish. And after use on the body will remain fresh citrus scent.

Bath foam

Nourishing bath foam, L'Occitane, 2350 rub. Buy

The tool is ideal for dry sensitive skin. What can redness home spa? With this foam, the ritual turns into real pleasure. Skin after bathing becomes soft and tender.

Salt Body Scrub

Salt body scrub, L'Occitane, 3250 rub. Buy

This scrub removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, stimulates cellular activity, refreshes and tones. The composition includes salt of the Mediterranean Sea, grape seed oil, extract of verbena, lemon and orange. After the procedure with this tool on the body will remain a fresh pleasant loop.