5 things to buy in duplicate

Basic wardrobe - this is the base. It includes things that we don’t wear every six months, as the lion’s share of the rest of the wardrobe, but almost every day. And even if we bought something very high quality, few products can withstand such an intense sock. What to do? Of course, buy two and significantly stretch the life of each of the things.

Basic t-shirts

Especially this, of course, swings white and black products, which themselves are very susceptible to fading. In addition to proper care, it is more correct to alternate them one after another, putting them on one by one. In this case, they will last longer, and they will look much better. In addition, it makes sense to immediately buy such a product in two main basic colors, white and black.

Perfect jeans

Jeans, compared with T-shirts, are worn twice more often. Of course, no matter how qualitative and brand they are, they can wipe, lose color, shape. It's great when they have a replacement steam. And if something happens, you do not have to urgently look for a replacement for your favorite thing. Such forethought will relieve you of a hectic morning before an important day, when your favorite jeans suddenly find a spot or a small hole.


That's certainly the thing worth buying for two. No, actually five is better. Because an extra pair of pantyhose will never be superfluous. New manicure, departed plate on the floor and now you need a new pair. And it's very cool when you don’t have to run to the store.


Like tights, underwear is one of those things that constantly need to be replaced. You can have a lot of luxurious and expensive underwear sets that not everyone can afford, or you can simply get the perfect pair of basic underwear that will fit perfectly into your wardrobe and duplicate it several times. It will be much more practical and cheaper.


On the one hand, having two sweaters is always very convenient. You never know what happens to the first. But it's not only that. You can try on one of the most interesting and fashionable trends in recent times - combine two sweaters in one image at once, creating a completely unique outfit. Just put on one of the sweaters as usual, and knit the second one in a cross-bodied manner. The meaning of this outfit is that both sweaters must be the same. At the same time you will definitely be in such warmth